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We love riding our bikes as much as you do! Check out the cycling organizations that we partner with and support and learn more about local organizations that interest you so you can get involved today!

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THOR, Trails Have Our Respect

Mission: To create and share the natural surface trail experience in Easter Nebraska and Wester Iowa through advocacy, education, and the building of sustainable and accessible trails. 

Vision: To have natural surface trail systems close to and integrated with communities that support active outdoor recreation for all ages, races, incomes, and abilities.

Bike Walk Nebraska

Mission: Bike Walk Nebraska cultivates and supports safe and accessible active transportation across our state by leading sound policy and advocating for best practices. We work across sectors in partnership with elected officials, municipalities, and organizations to ensure that biking and walking - whether for transportation or recreation - works for all Nebraskans.

Mode Shift Omaha

Mission: To advocate for transportation equity that enhances quality of life and opportunities for everyone to live, work, and play. We achieve our mission through information and engagement with members and the public, influencing policies and decision-making related to transportation and land use design, and monitoring transportation policies and plans and their implementation.

Community Bike Project

Mission: To directly connect Omahans in need with bicycles to own, the space and tools to maintain those bikes, and education in bike repair and safety. 

Vision: We desire for all people in greater Omaha to own a bicycle and possess the resources to safely, joyfully ride it wherever they want to go. We dream of a future in which bicycle ridership is a leading mode of transportation, a primary recreation choice, and a clearly identified source of community-building.

Get the Gear You Need

Shop for the perfect bike before your next ride. We’re here to answer all of your cycling related questions.